Friday, June 29, 2012

Free InfoSec Training Resources

Whether you are a seasoned professional or someone just getting started in Information Security, there probably has never been a better time for developing or honing your skills for little or no expense. This is due to the many free online resources like OpenCourseware and intructional videos that have been 
released in recent years. 

The list below represents materials that I've either used or have stumbled upon.

I do update this list periodically, so feel free to let me know if you spot a good training resource.

Now go learn something!

Full Courses / Lecture Videos

Subject MatterTitle of MaterialComment
Certification - Security+ProfessorMesser's Free Security+ Training CourseCover at high level broad Security+ topic areas
CryptographyUdacity: Applied CryptrogaphyAdvanced Course into Math behind modern cryptographic systems
Exploit ResearchSecurity Tube: Exploit Research MegaprimerDelves into some fundamental software vulnerabilites and attack methods.
ForensicsWrite Blocked: DFIROnlineVideo archive of monthly online meeting of digital forensic and incident response professionals.
Intrusion DetectionDOD - IDS Analysis (Pt1)Introduction to IDS, alerts, and false positives.
Intrusion DetectionDOD - IDS Analysis (Pt2)Lessons on Packet Sniffing, Client Side Attacks, Botnets, and Traffic Analysis.
Penetrating TestingDan Guido: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability AnalysisAmazing lectures and materials by leaders in Appsec and Vuln. Research.
Penetration TestingSecurityTube: Metasploit Framework Expert Course MaterialOverview of Metasploit Framework as well as info on researching and integrating new attacks into MSF.
ProgrammingMIT: Introduction to Computer Science and ProgrammingGood intro into fundamental CS concepts and coding in Python.
ProgrammingSecurityTube: Python Scripting ExpertGetting off the ground..not mand vids yet.
ProgrammingSecurityTube: Linux Assembly Language MegaprimerLearn Assembly (x86) fundamentals within Linux
ProgrammingSecurityTube: Windows Assembly Language MegaprimerLearn Assembly (x86) fundamentals within Windows
Wireless SecuritySecurityTube: Wi-Fi Security Expert Course MaterialsGreat course into Wifi fundamentals, weaknesses, and attack vectors
VariedCoursera Online LecturesUniversity Lecture Series on System,Security, and Networking

Ebooks / Free Docs

Subject MatterTitle of MaterialComment
ForensicsDOJ - Forensic Examination of Digital EvidenceHigh-level DOJ book on Computer Forensic Examination For US Law Enforcement.
Penetration TestingOffensive Computer: Metasploit UnleashedGreat primer on all things Metasploit. Always seems up-to-date.
VariedNIST Computer Security DivisionNIST guidelines and standards publications covering several major areas of computer security.
VariedSANS Reading RoomHuge collection of papers from SANS "Gold" certificate holders. Lot's of cool material / projects.

Labs / Challenges / Hands On

Subject MatterTitle Of MaterialComment
Forensics (Network)Network Forensic ChallengeGreat quizzes by LMGsecurity team. Most of the fun I had at Defcon was due to these folks.
ForensicsDC3 Forensic ChallengesDefense Cyber Crime Center Forensic Challenges and Competitions.
Web Application SecurityHackThis Site!Learn through direct online challenges and mock-ups.
VariedSecurity OverideLarge assemblage of hacking challenges with progressive levels across different domains.

Magazines / Zines

Title of MaterialComments
HITB MagazineHack In the Box Magazine - Various Technical Security Articles
Hack This ZineComputer Security, Privacy, Open Source Software
PhrackVenerable Zine of the Computer Underground.
SC Magazine ArchiveIssue Archive for SC Magazine


Subject MatterTitle of MaterialComment
Lockpicking / Physical PenetrationBasic operation and manipulation of LocksSeries of short videos by Schuyler Towne on lockpicking concepts and techniques.
Web DevelopmentW3SchoolsGreat tutorials on web-coding and foundation for understanding web-app security.